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October 27, 2016
DoD Not Interested in Actually Fixing Bonus Scandal
Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) released the following statement after members of Congress were briefed on a call yesterday afternoon with the California House Delegation and the Department of Defense leadership about the current National Guard scandal.
On the call, the Department of Defense outlined a plan to go through the bonuses on a case-by-case basis — a process the DoD said could take as long as 9 months.
“The Department of Defense officials made it clear that they’re not eager to solve this injustice, but quite interested in getting the story out of the headlines to stop their own embarrassment. Their half-baked plan still fails to address what will happen to the veterans who’ve had their credit ruined, their life savings taken from them or been forced to refinance their homes. The bottom line is that soldiers sacrificed for our nation, accepted the offers in good faith and deserve to be made whole immediately. Secretary Carter and the National Guard need to stop the delays put forward a plan for when and how these veterans will have every penny returned to them and get serious about righting this horrible injustice.”
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