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Video: Cherry Blossoms Up Close

April 19, 2013

Every year around this time, our nation’s capital awakens from the long winter season to cherry blossom trees blooming bright pink, lavender and violet.

Given as a gift in 1912 by the Japanese, more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees were brought from overseas to celebrate a growing friendship. The first two trees were planted by First Lady Helen Herron Taft and Viscountess Chinda, the wife of the Japanese ambassador, on the north bank of the Tidal Basin.

Thousands of American families travel to Washington, D.C. each spring to see the trees in bloom and attend the annual Cherry Blossom Parade.

Since the flowers are out for only a short period, its possible that many families from California’s 49th District have never seen them up close, so Team Issa went out to the Tidal Basin and captured them one spring evening.