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Issa Votes to Halt Rising Health Care Costs, Improve Economy

May 16, 2013

Today, I voted to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

This vote marks the 37th time the House of Representatives has acted to repeal, dismantle and defund Obamacare to save Americans money, free job creation from crushing red tape and preserve the doctor patient relationship.

President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats made countless promises to sell this healthcare mandate.  Some examples of President Obama’s broken promises, include:

  • Promise:  Comprehensive reform could save families $2,500.
    Reality:  The average family premium has instead grown by over $3,000 since 2008 forcing families to tighten their budget more and spend less.
  • Promise:  If you like your current plan, you will be able to keep it.
     Obamacare incentivizes employers to drop benefits .  According to a new economic report by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, 7 million people will lose their employer-sponsored coverage – nearly double the previous estimate of 4 million.
  • Promise:  Obamacare will not add “one dime” to our deficit.
     A recent report by the Government Accountability Office suggests that, under the most realistic scenarios, Obamacare will end up adding $6.2 trillion to the deficit over the next 75 years forcing our children and grandchildren to have less in order to pay off our reckless spending.
  • Promise:  No family making less than $250,000 a year will see their taxes increase.
    According to a March 5, 2013, Joint Committee on Taxation report, Obamacare includes 21 new or higher taxes that will cost taxpayers roughly $1.1 trillion over the next decade.  New and higher taxes will be placed on medical devices, prescription drugs, health coverage, high-premium health plans and restrictions on health savings accounts will all result in Americans spending more on health care.
  • Promise:  Those who are uninsured or denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition would be helped through 2014 by a temporary program that makes coverage more available and affordable.
    The Obama Administration just announced additional sick Americans would be shut out from the “Pre-Existing Condition Program,” decreasing access to patient access to care.
  • Promise:  Obamacare will create 4 million jobs – 400,000 jobs almost immediately.
    According to the Congressional Budget Office, Obamacare will reduce the already competitive job force by 800,000 over the next decade.  Small businesses will be forced to pay $52 billion in the same time period due to the inability or failure to comply with Obamacare.
  • Promise:  Obamacare will make it easier for younger Americans to obtain and maintain health insurance.
    Young adults can stay on their parents’ insurance plan until the age of 26; however, those without access to a parent’s plan or those between 27-39 will see steep increases.  Young, single adults who make about $25,000 a year or more will pay 42% more for coverage in the individual market.

As the evidence shows, seniors, parents, students, young professionals, small businesses, lower income Americans and others are all being adversely affected by President Obama’s healthcare mandate.

We can all agree that health care reform is needed; however, the President’s approach does not lower costs, reduce overall health care spending or give the majority of Americans access to high-quality health care coverage.

Repealing Obamacare is only one part of the process.  Once this flawed health law has been fully repealed, Congress must work to enact vital health care reforms that will increase access, quality and affordability of health coverage to create jobs and boost the economy.

I have proposed letting Americans have access to the same healthcare as Members of Congress and federal employees.  You can learn more here.