House Passes Bill to Continue Funding for Military and Veterans « Congressman Darrell Issa
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House Passes Bill to Continue Funding for Military and Veterans

June 7, 2013

The Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 Military Construction and Veterans Affairs bill makes smart spending reductions to meet our overall budget priorities.  With more than $73 billion in spending approved under this bill, our nation will provide for our troops and veterans, maintain necessary infrastructure projects underway at Camp Pendleton and other facilities, while enforcing more rigorous oversight to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse.

Some key components of this bill include:

  • Improving Transition from Active Duty – Integrates DOD and VA medical record systems so our active duty troops have a seamless transition to VA healthcare coverage and get immediate access to quality health care;
  • Essential Funding for Military Hospitals and Military Facilities – Provides vital military medical facility projects $927 million dollars to ensure that our wounded warriors, service members and veterans receive the best care possible;
  • Reducing the VA Claims Backlog – Addresses the inexcusable veterans claims backlog by expediting the transition from slow paper claims to efficient paperless claims and getting veterans the benefits they have earned.  Veterans should not have to wait to receive care; and,
  • Rigorous Oversight – Establishes detailed Congressional oversight requirements to ensure your dollars are spent appropriately and efficiently.

Military and veterans funding is one of twelve measures the House will consider to fund the government next year.  I am committed to making sure Washington lives within its means while maintaining our national defense and supporting those who have honorably served our nation.

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