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Issa Takes Action to Enhance Awareness of Ovarian Cancer

August 30, 2013

Every seven minutes a woman is diagnosed with gynecologic cancer.  This year, it is estimated that 22,240 women will be diagnosed with and 14,030 women will die from ovarian cancer.

Too many women’s lives are lost because they were diagnosed too late. Education and early detection are the keys to saving women’s lives and reducing these tragic numbers. If diagnosed in the early stages, the 5-year survivability rates for ovarian cancer are as high as 95 percent.

Because of this, I cosponsored a resolution, H.Res. 301, to designate September as Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.  Awareness campaigns during September will educate patients and providers on warning signs, symptoms, risks and treatments available for ovarian cancer.

This resolution is a continuation of my past work to author and pass legislation to foster public-private partnerships so that we can prevent and reduce deaths from gynecological cancers.