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ObamaCare and its Website - an Utter Failure

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Oct 25, 2013

On October 1, many Americans across the country attempted to purchase health insurance on ObamaCare exchanges as required by the President’s healthcare law. Many were met with crashing websites, missing price information, confusing forms and delays. These “glitches,” which President Obama only recently acknowledged as unacceptable and inexcusable, revealed how totally unprepared the Administration was for the launch of this crucial aspect of his signature law.

Sadly, this failure came as little surprise. As early as December of last year, the Oversight and Government Reform Committee pressed Administration officials and healthcare experts on whether the American people were going to get what the President promised. Hearing after hearing, and now this disastrous launch, has demonstrated that the Obama Administration was ill-prepared to implement its very own massive, overcomplicated and counterproductive law.

Worse yet, just this week my Committee found that Administration officials directed contractors to change’s design to hide price comparisons from unregistered shoppers potentially to cover up ObamaCare’s sticker shock.  We now also know that the White House refused to heed warnings that extra time for testing was needed - resulting in a misfired launch with technical failures and glitches, leaving sensitive consumer data at risk through data hubs and exchanges.

This is simply inexcusable.

The American people deserve much better – especially when it comes to something as private and important as their health care decisions.

Throughout this entire debate and rollout, President Obama stood in front of the cameras and promised lower premiums, more options and the ability to keep one’s current health plan. However, Americans are now facing the results of the President’s broken promises: skyrocketing premiums, more out-of-pocket costs, less choices, fewer plans – many are losing their coverage altogether.

Just this week, Kaiser Health reported hundreds of thousands of Americans are being dropped from their current health plan because policies did not satisfy ObamaCare. In fact, thousands of San Diegans are receiving the same cancellation notices. Many that are unable to keep their current coverage will be forced to attempt to navigate and sign-up for a new plan on a website that does not work or they will face a tax penalty.

Californians interested in finding information on ObamaCare can find it on Covered California's website at

As we conclude the third week of ObamaCare’s misfired launch, I invite you to share with me how you and your family have been affected by the President’s healthcare law. Hearing your stories and experiences are crucial in my effort to show Washington that the American people know what’s best for them when it comes to their healthcare decisions – not federal bureaucrats.

I can assure you that my Committee will not stop until the Obama Administration comes clean as to what caused this failed rollout, who was responsible and what can be done in the future to prevent these systematic and pervasive failures from happening again.

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To share how you have been affected by ObamaCare with me, please click here.

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