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8 Cats Who Called 1-800-ObamaCare but Still Couldn’t Get Healthcare

October 23, 2013

According to Clay Johnson, a former member of President Obama’s technology team, HealthCare.gov was created by a “sloppy” team of contractors.  What’s worse, these “sloppy” contractors charged taxpayers half a billion dollars for a website that doesn’t work.


We know you’re used to seeing this when trying to signup for insurance at Healthcare.gov.

But not to worry, the Obama Administration has setup a 1-800 number that will solve all your problems.

Here’s 8 cats who’ve struggled to signup for ObamaCare.

8.  Long wait times.

7. Endless transfers.

6.  Sorry, but your health plan is no longer available under ObamaCare.

5.  Automated menu direct you to HealthCare.gov.

4.  Then HealthCare.gov directs you to call the ObamaCare hotline.

3.  “We’re experiencing unusually high call volume…”

2.  Ugh oh, I lost reception going through a tunnel.

1.  Finally getting to speak to a live operator…oops, disconnected.