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My Response to President Obama's State of the Union Address

In The News
Jan 30, 2014

On Tuesday, the President laid out his vision for our country during the annual State of the Union Address.

If you had the opportunity to tune in to the President’s speech, you probably noticed an absence of proposals and initiatives that would put Americans back to work, speed up our nation’s economic recovery and foster an environment for innovation. Instead of focusing on measures to reach these goals, President Barack Obama discussed plans to increase government intervention in our economy unilaterally - without the consent of Congress.

This isn’t the American way. Courts have not supported the President’s past attempts to circumvent Congress and he only does damage to the American people’s confidence in government when he refuses to work with Congress to pass real reforms – especially to agencies like the NSA and the IRS, where his administration has overseen abuses of personal liberties.

Americans excel when government respects their right to liberty and their right to do what they believe is best, to strive to succeed, to fail at times, and to get up and strive again. The American dream is not about a guarantee. It’s about the guaranteed rights to succeed or fail on our own merits. That’s where job creation comes from. That’s where Americans want to be and that’s where the President failed during his address.

You deserve bold policy proposals that will get our nation back on track. With this address, the President missed a major opportunity to present to Congress proposals that would encourage American prosperity.

Click here to watch my response to President Obama's State of the Union Address.



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