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Blog: Civil Forfeiture, #EndTrafficking, Sober Living Homes and more

Press Release
Jul 21, 2017

Between fighting to protect your right to due process, passing the biggest troop pay raise in more than 8 years, and approving important measures to fight human trafficking, the last few weeks in Congress I have been hard at work delivering results for you.

Today, I wanted to take a quick moment to send a few updates on progress we've made over the last few weeks and seek your input.

Protecting Due Process and Curbing Forfeiture

The Department of Justice announced it would be expanding civil forfeiture - an unconstitutional provision that allows the confiscation of property from Americans with no proof of wrong doing. I'm fighting back. It's time to pass my DUE PROCESS Act to curb forfeiture abuse.

Read more in the Washington Post.

Honoring The Fallen

This week, I joined my colleagues to hold a moment of silence to honor Marine Corps Captain Sean Elliott , of Orange County, and all 16 Marines killed in the C-130 crash on July 10th. We remember their service and sacrifice to our great country.

See the moment on Twitter here.

Fighting Human Trafficking 

Sadly, San Diego remains one of the nation's worst cities for human trafficking. More than 8,000 people become victims of trafficking in San Diego County each year. This week, the House approved 3 measures to fight trafficking and bring this horrible crime to an end.

Learn more on my work to #EndTrafficking here.

Extending Care For Disabled Veterans

Unless we act this year, a program providing nursing home care to disabled veterans will lose authorization. I introduced legislation to ensure these veterans continue receiving the care they need.

Discover more on this important bill here

Restoring Oversight To Sober Living Homes

My office gave updates on my bill to give local communities the power to implement checks and balances on sober living homes and help address this crisis in our community at the Mission Viejo and Ladera Ranch Council Meetings.

Find out more on my legislation here.

Troops to Get Biggest Pay Raise in 8 Years

Last week, the House passed the biggest pay raise for our military in 8 years. The bill also includes vital funding to improve Camp Pendleton and provides much-needed funding to boost U.S. cyber and missile defenses.

Read more on the NDAA here.

Issa's DATA Act Restoring Faith in Government, Officials Say

In 2014, Congressman Connolly and I passed the DATA Act into law to make all government spending information clear and open to the public. As our law has now begun implementation, it's clear what a difference it's making to root out government waste.

Read more on the DATA Act in FedScoop.


What Do You Think About Sober Living Homes?

Constituents have raised concerns about sober living homes and the abuses that have occurred in these facilities. I've proposed federal legislation that will give communities the tools they need to implement oversight of sober living homes.

What do you think about returning control from Washington? Take my survey today!

Need my help with an issue or just need to be heard? Send me an email or give me office a call at any time! 

I'm always happy provide help with issues including VA benefits, Medicare, Social Security, flag requeststours and tickets for your visit to our nation's capitol and more!


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