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Issa Blog Update: Mid-June

In The News
Jun 19, 2017

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It was a real pleasure having the opportunity to speak to and hear from so many of you at my recent town hall meetings in Vista and San Juan Capistrano.

I wanted to reach out today with a few important updates on what's going on in Washington, D.C. and share an opportunity for you to weigh in, in case you couldn't attend our recent in-person meetings.

oll road sticker

Weigh In: No Toll Road Through San Clemente 

We must stand united against plans to divide San Clemente in two. I oppose the proposed plans to extend the 241 toll road, but I want to know what YOU think about it! 
 What do you think about the toll road path?

Issa: Let My Constituents Be Heard On San Onofre Nuclear Waste

I am demanding the California Coastal Commission move its scheduled hearing on nuclear waste storage from Malibu to San Diego or Orange County to allow us, who will be most directly impacted, the opportunity to weigh in.

Read more in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Standing in Unity at the Congressional Baseball Game

After the horrifying attacks this week, my staff and colleagues stood in solidarity for Congressman Scalise, Capitol Police and others hurt at the Congressional Baseball game.

See more on Facebook.

VA Reform Bill Headed To the President's Desk

This week, the House and Senate both passed legislation to ensure veterans get the care they deserve and increase accountability at the VA. It's expected to be signed into law quickly.

Read more from ABC News.

Stopping Policing for Profit

"Innocent until proven guilty? Not always," writes the Union-Tribune. Legislation I've introduced with my colleagues will ensure due process and curb unconstitutional abuses in civil forfeiture cases.

See more in the UT's Editorial.

Ending Wall Street Bailouts 

Good news! We just passed legislation that brings years of too-big-to-fail to an end. The bill we just passed permanently ends Wall Street bailouts and imposes the toughest penalties for financial fraud in history.

Read more in USA Today.

If you ever need anything, always feel free to send me an email or call one of my offices for help! We're always happy to hear your voice or provide service on other issues -- like help with VA benefits, Medicare, Social Security, flag requests, and more!

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Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Vista) released the following statement in response to the Trump Administration’s decision to sue the State of California over sanctuary laws for illegal immigrants:  
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Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Vista) released the following statement on the death of Billy Graham: 
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Today, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Vista) introduced legislation to provide a fix for undocumented immigrants brought here as children by their parents.
In The News Jan 22, 2018
NOTE: Monday's TRICARE Forum is still on schedule regardless of the government shutdown. We look forward to seeing everyone tonight.