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It's been a busy few weeks

In The News
Mar 31, 2017

Things on Capitol Hill have been busy the past few weeks. We passed bills to reform the VA, worked on legislation to keep jobs in America, introduced measures to protect Americans' right to due process, advanced my plan to increase government transparency, and have set in motion the process for reforming our broken tax code.

I wanted to thank everyone who had the chance to join us for our recent, in-person town hall meetings in Oceanside and share with you some recent updates.

Issa Bill Takes Aim At Civil Forfeiture Abuse

Civil forfeiture is a little known process that's allowed government to seize billions of dollars from Americans who have never even been charged with a crime.

Read more in the OC Register.

60 Minutes: How H-1B Visas Are Abused To Outsource American Jobs

60 Minutes on CBS took a look at why we must pass legislation like my Protect and Grow American Jobs Act to reform the H-1B Visa system.

Watch the full story.


Why We Must Pass Right-To-Try

It would allow terminally-ill patients the right to request access to potentially life-saving medications that haven't yet been approved for general use. I've co-sponsored this legislation in the House to help save lives.

Read more in the Union-Tribune.


Another Step Towards Getting Nuclear Waste Off the Beach at San Onofre? 

The President's budget including funding for solutions -- like my Interim Consolidated Storage Act -- is a promising sign for getting the waste removed from our beaches.

Read more in the UT.


Increasing Transparency, Reducing Burdens On Business

I introduced the financial transparency act to simplify regulatory burdens on businesses, increase transparency, and make it easier to track down cases of fraud and abuse.

Read more on my bill here.


House Passes Bill to Restore Accountability at VA

Last week, the House passed the VA Accountability First Act to help ensure the VA gives the care and service our veterans deserve.

Read more on my website.


Survey: What Should Be Next On Obamacare?

Californians are counting on us to deliver relief from Obamacare. The AHCA was imperfect and we can do better, but I want your ideas on what should be next.

Take my survey on Obamacare repeal.

I value your input so please remember so please feel free to write mecall metake a survey or contact me on social media -- I always want to hear from you.

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