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Rep. Issa Introduces DACA Fix Legislation

Press Release
Jan 25, 2018

Today, Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Vista) introduced legislation to provide a fix for undocumented immigrants brought here as children by their parents.

The DACA Compromise Act (H.R. 4873) makes visas available to DACA participants who have been vetted by the Department of Homeland Security by pulling a limited number of slots from existing visa categories and making the reallocated visas, instead, available to Dreamers on a rolling basis until the eligible DACA queue has been cleared.

The legislation is modeled after the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act of 1997 ("NACARA"), bipartisan legislation signed into law by President Clinton that allowed a path to citizenship for certain Nicaraguan, Cuban, Salvadoran, and Guatemalan refugees.

"Problems like these require innovative thinking and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle coming together, putting all of their ideas on the table, and figuring out the best way to get the job done. This is a simple, common-sense fix that will guarantee certainty for the children of illegal immigrants who were brought here through no fault of their own and know no home other than the United States. I hope this straight-forward proposal can serve as a reasonable compromise that will bring our parties together, give lasting assurance, and resolve this issue for the long-haul." - Congressman Darrell Issa

A one-page summary of the bill can be read here. 

The bill text is available here.

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