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U.S. Reps. Issa and DelBene announce Creation of the Congressional Internet of Things Caucus

Press Release
Jan 12, 2015

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Courts and the Internet, and Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (D-WA) today announced the launch of the Congressional Caucus on the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Technology is revolutionizing the way consumers use cars, homes, workspaces, and everyday items. Emerging uses of Internet connectivity to these devices raise both opportunities and questions about regulatory policy, spectrum space, privacy, and more,” said Issa. “It’s critical that lawmakers remain educated about the fast paced evolution of the Internet of Things, and have informed policy discussions about the government’s role in access and use of these devices. I am excited to co-chair the IoT Caucus and ensure federal policy spurs, rather than stifles, our innovation economy.”

“As someone with a long career in the technology industry and as an entrepreneur, I know firsthand how quickly technologies have developed to become critical to our daily lives,” DelBene said. “Policymakers will need to be engaged and educated on how we can best protect consumers while also enabling these new technologies to thrive. It’s important that our laws keep up with technology and I look forward to co-chairing the IoT caucus.”


What is IoT?  The ‘Internet of Things’ has come to refer to the use of network connectivity to the Internet to enable devices and systems. The IoT is a rapidly developing and broad space affecting the use of devices from cooking equipment to health technology and cars.

Issues in IoT Development: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is currently developing a report on IoT, and future agency regulatory action of both new and traditional industries engaged in connected devices will have implications for future interoperability and development. Additionally, as user engagement increases, there will be likely be policy debate about data sharing and privacy implications. The future of a thriving IoT marketplace will also be affected by spectrum policy and other federal management systems.

Purpose of the Caucus: The IoT Caucus will focus on educating Members on the development of innovative technology and public policy in the ‘Internet of Things’ space. The Caucus will inform Members about new opportunities and challenges in health, transportation, home, workplace, and more as everyday devices take advantage of network connectivity to create new value.

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