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Congressman Issa-Cosponsored Sexual Assault Reform Bill Heads to President’s Desk

Press Release
Sep 29, 2016

Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) released the following statement after federal sexual assault reforms he co-sponsored passed the Senate unanimously and now head to the President’s desk where they’re expected to be signed into law. The Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act (H.R. 5578), which was passed by the House of Representatives earlier this month, will ensure that sexual assault survivors:

  • Have the right to a sexual assault evidence collection kit
  • Will be notified in writing before any kit is destroyed
  • Will be able to request preservation of the kit
  • Are informed of the results from forensic examination
  • And requires the Attorney General and the Department of Health and Human Services recommend best practices regarding the care and treatment of sexual assault survivors and the preservation of forensic evidence.

Following final passage in both houses, Congressman Darrell Issa released the following statement, “I’m excited to put these important reforms on the President’s desk and hope he’ll quickly sign them into law. This legislation makes it clear that we’re all-in on our commitment to changing the way our nation treats the victims of sexual assault. These critical reforms will implement a clearer, more transparent, more easily navigable process to ensure victims can actually attain justice. I thank everyone who’s worked together – on a bipartisan basis – to help reform these processes and look forward their swift signing into law.”

Congressman Darrell Issa is a co-sponsor of the legislation and recently wrote an op-ed in Independent Journal with the bills lead sponsor, Rep. Mimi Walters, encouraging the Senate to quickly pass their bill. That op-ed is available here.

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