If there’s one thing we all can agree on it’s that the criminal justice system in America needs reform. One one hand, too many Americans who’ve lost their way or made mistakes are denied the chance to make things right and live a better life, trapped in system that often creates a vicious repeating cycle of crime and recidivism. While on the other hand, our criminal justice system too often leaves the victims of crimes – like sexual assault – unable to achieve the justice they deserve.

There’s nothing more alluring than the promise of the American dream – the hope that in our country with a little hard work, everyone can have a fair shot to create a better life for themselves. It’s what’s attracted so many from all over the world to come and make America their home. As such, Americans should embrace immigrants who come here legally. But our current immigration system is working for no one. We need to fix our broken immigration system with reforms that secure our borders, enforce the rule of law and encourages legal immigration.

Congress’ number one priority should be putting Americans back to work and making our nation globally competitive again.

From 2009 to 2012, the nation suffered the worst unemployment rates since the Great Depression – with California’s unemployment rate exceeding 10% at times.


Illegal immigration overburdens our schools, hospitals, court rooms and other public services and institutions at a tremendous cost to taxpayers. It is estimated that more than 11 million people reside in the United States illegally – an estimated 3 million of which reside in California alone. Furthermore, the escalation of violence on the border is spilling over into our communities and threatening the safety and well being of our citizens.