Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base is at the heart of the 49th Congressional District.  Approximately 42,000 Marines and sailors call Camp Pendleton home – with thousands of visitors each day.

Our nation has a spending problem – not a taxing problem.  At the beginning of the 20thcentury, federal taxes equated to 3% of our economic output (the Gross Domestic Product (GDP.) Today, federal taxes account for 18% of GDP and total more than 67,000 pages of regulations.  The top federal tax rate is 35% for individuals; more than 1/3 of an individual's income.

America is built on freedom and innovation.  Today, technology and the Internet have impacted the American economy by transforming ideas into jobs and opportunities into success.  As a Congressman, one of my top priorities is to promote greater growth and innovation across America to secure and strengthen our technology sector.

Americans should have access to quality, affordable health care that meets their individual needs. I support efforts to: allow across state line health insurance purchases, portability of insurance from job to job and in between cracking down on predatory lawsuits that raise the cost of medicine private sector solutions to drive down the health care costs, and to