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Front of the Capitol building

Statement by Rep. Issa on Infrastructure Bill Failures

August 9, 2021

Every day, Americans are charged taxes and fees they are told provides for the nation’s infrastructure. And while citizens send Washington billions of dollars every year, it somehow never gets invested in the way taxpayers are promised. All the while, our country’s roads, bridges, ports, tunnels, waterways and other physical and industrial systems only fall into greater disrepair.

While there is broad consensus on both sides of the aisle, in both houses of Congress and throughout the nation to invest in America’s essential infrastructure, the Senate deal does not meet this standard. I will not be supporting this legislation, and I am encouraging my colleagues to join me in opposition.

According to published reports and nonpartisan analysis, only 23 percent of the bill’s $548 billion in new spending will go towards core infrastructure while spending billions on new environmental programs, as well as rail and transit that favors only coastal regions. This is separate and apart from the fact that the agreement also contains unrealistic funding sources and massive new deficit spending.

There is simply no reason why Congress can’t produce streamlined, essential infrastructure investment without a series of backroom deals that hold roads, bridges and other needs hostage to a political wish list that does not have anything resembling consensus support.

The American people deserve better than this roadway gimmick. I will work to see that they get it.