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Front of the Capitol building

Issa Hosts Local Law Enforcement Roundtable

October 7, 2021

Detailed Dialogue Commits to Renewed Support for Police, Sheriffs

San Marcos – Today, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-50) hosted local law enforcement officials from across California’s 50th Congressional District to discuss the significant challenges faced by police, sheriffs and other public safety personnel, and the tools they need to enhance law and order.

“Today, we said with one voice: Our streets, schools, parks, and neighborhoods don’t belong to criminals. They belong to the community,” said Congressman Issa.

The Congressman was joined in the session by representatives from the counties of Riverside and San Diego, as well as the cities of Escondido and San Diego.

“I brought together these law enforcement leaders to thank them for their fearless service, understand what they are seeing, learn what they need to do their jobs, and remind them that we have their backs,” said Congressman Issa. “During this time of rising crime and inconsistent stands against dangerous criminals, there is no more important time to show our gratitude to those who keep us safe.”

  • Major American cities saw a 33 increase in homicides in 2020, a trend that has continued into 2021, most recently seen nationally during the Fourth of July weekend when 189 people were killed and 516 injured in shootings.
  • Of the nation’s 66 largest police jurisdictions 63 saw increases in at least one category of violent crimes during 2020, which include homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.
  • San Diego has experienced a sharp increase in violent crime between 2019 and 2021, 14 percent higher than last year and 9 percent higher than in 2019.

Discussion participants met also at a time that highlights problematic efforts to scale back policing, close jails, eliminate bail, and tie the hands of law enforcement professionals. Retirements and attrition in the forces have also led to continuing officer shortages.

Issa concluded: “We have to do more to support our law enforcement officers in their tireless efforts and enduring responsibility to stand against violent offenders who victimize the most vulnerable. I heard them loud and clear. We will take that message back to Washington to craft lasting solutions that will enhance our partnerships to protect our neighborhoods and keep communities safe.”